Are you concerned about the serious effects of using cleaning products on the environment and for the health of your family?

Use WHITEONES Microfiber Cloths to reduce waste because you can clean chemical free, using only water. This means savings for you since they are not single use. WHITEONES are multipurpose so no need to buy different cleaners for every surface. Plus they are long lasting since they can be washed and reused. For consumers who want to use environmentally friendly cleaning products WHITEONES are high quality and cost saving cleaning cloths.

WHITEONES make cleaning without the use of chemicals possible. Chemical cleaners have dangerous environmental effects and risks to human health. Over 500 chemicals in cleaning products are known to cause cancer. Poor indoor air quality as a result of cleaning with chemicals is also linked to birth defects, brain impairments and respiratory problems, including asthma.

The bottom line, if you can’t pronounce the contents, you shouldn’t be using them. Toxins are rarely listed on cleaning products in Canada. However, labels must show hazard symbols and information about first aid treatment. Whereas, most cleaning products are highly toxic. In contrast, with WHITEONES, just add water. Clean chemical free.

WHITEONES are easy to use. They can be used wet or dry for dusting but will not scratch plasma and computer screens or eye glasses and cameras. Simply rinse with water and wring out well for surfaces like: mirrors, windows, stainless, chrome, tile, granite and ceramic. Plus, they can be washed and reused again and again with dust free, lint free and spot free results. Soon you’ll be using WHITEONES for all your cleaning.

WHITEONES clean with first rate performance and without the use of toxic chemicals.