It’s time to change the way you clean – you’ll be cleaning with just water. Your home will never look better. Eco-friendly cleaning for you, for less.

WHITEONES Microfiber Cloths clean just about everything with ease, using only water. Surfaces include: glass, crystal, mirrors, windows, ceramic, laminate, tile, hardwood, granite, marble, appliances, eye glasses, touch screens, chrome and much more. Therefore, eliminating the need for multiple products that accumulate in your kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and garage.

WHITEONES work by trapping dirt and germs in very small spaces between microscopic fibers. So, this makes WHITEONES a remarkable product for eco-friendly cleaning and for disinfecting because dirt and bacteria are picked up but not spread. Great for spotless mirrors and windows, including your car windows and windshield. Also ideal for car detailing since no lint is left behind. Like magic fingerprints are easily removed from stainless steel appliances.

WHITEONES aren’t just eco-friendly, they are also very practical. Soon you’ll be using WHITEONES without a second thought. You no longer need to buy paper towels or toxic cleaning chemicals.

Eco-friendly cleaning in every room in the house. Your home will never look better. Saving you time and money.

cleaning stainless steel appliances

cleaning mirrors

screen cleaning cloth

glass cleaning cloth

  • counter tops
  • sinks
  • faucets
  • appliances
  • cabinets
  • showers
  • mirrors
  • vanity
  • fixtues
  • bath tubs
  • cellphones
  • computers
  • laptops
  • televisions
  • monitors
  • furniture
  • door handles
  • light switches
  • baseboards
  • collectables

You’re in the right place to order WHITEONES Microfiber Cloths, shipped from Collingwood, Ontario directly to you.