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You’re in the right place to order WHITEONES Microfiber Cloths, shipped from Collingwood, Ontario directly to you.

Cathryn Scott
I absolutely LOVE using these cloths!
Being sensitive to chemicals, I have to constantly watch that I am not around any.
With the WhiteOnes, I just wet the cloth, and wipe it across anything I want to clean. The surface just shines afterwards! Even my glass table and windows are left shining and streak free with out drying. Dusting is as simple as a wipe, with no chemicals left behind to breathe in.
I highly recommend that everyone give them a try. You will be hooked immediately!

Julia Taylor:
Love these cloths! It makes cleaning the windows, doors, and appliances that are within reach of my toddlers little hands so easy!! Highly recommended!!

Erica Prinn-McCarthy:
I used WHITEONES on my windows and screens for the first time. Love them! No muss no fuss!…and no streaks!

Carolee Malley:
I just received them and used one to clean the inside of my car window; oh wow, did not expect the cleaning power. I should have taken a picture of the amount of dirt and grime it collected!! So impressed that I’m bragging to all my friends!

Judy Kusoglu:
I love this product , #chemicalFree and cleans even better than all those nasty chemicals!!

Ellen Perham Hynes:
They are the best, anyone who buys them won’t be disappointed.

Julie Thayer:
WHITEONES Microfiber Cloths are THE BEST…will make for very happy spring cleaning!!!

Sharon Christensen:
Love these wipes! I use them on my makeup display units and keeps them looking great all day long! Thank you for your wonderful customer service!

Mary Kyskiras:
Just wanted to send a quick note to say how happy and amazed I am by these cloths. I originally bought a couple on a whim last winter from a booth where they were being displayed at Kidapalooza in the GTA. I very rarely buy things from a show, but a quick demo convinced me to try them–but I’ll admit I was very sceptical. Unfortunately, I forgot about them after that and didn’t use them until last weekend. I was so blown away by how well they worked that I think I tried them on just about every surface in my home. And they worked beautifully on everything! Last night, with just the cloth and a bit of distilled water and a very light touch, they saved a brand new LED television that through an unfortunate series of events (and a child eager to help) had a big blob of sticky smeared gum all over the screen. I’m convinced that the only thing that kept that TV from being a goner were these cloths. Today, I bought a 12-pack. Couldn’t be happier. Thanks for such a great product.